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We work across a wide range of  area, including Restaurants, Office space, Hotels, Hospitals, Professional buildings, Retail space, Government Buildings and Residential

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Network & Communication  Solutions

  • Wireless Router Installations

  • Networking System Installation

  • Complete Audio System Installation

  • Access Control System Installation

  • Security System & CCTV Installation

  • Communication Systems Installation

  • Home Data Networking Installation

  • Home Theater and Satellite /Cable Tv Installation

  • Wiring & Service Upgrades

Home Automation


Smart Home  Solution


Keeping your home and family safe is much easier with smart home technology. Dangers such as water leaks, fires and carbon monoxide leaks can easily be detected and prevented.


Security in your home should be a priority. Smart cameras, door locks and other smart and other smart devices help keep a close eye on your home and ensure that it is protected at all the times, even when you're away.


Smart technology helps you take control of your energy usage and makes sure your home is running efficiently at all times. Help your bills and the planet at the same time!


You can control your home with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. Home automation takes care of the simple takes so your can focus on what matters.

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Wiring & Cabling

Since  2018

         Since many providers currently rely on outdated tech and cabling infrastructure reaching capacity, finding a reliable turn-key technology solution provider for network issues is vital.            BYALL Automation  offers an array of services from network configuration, network cabling services, Medical grade cabling and wireless, cable remediation, complete technology deployment services, and supplemental electrical project support nationwide.
Cable Remediation Solutions for Code Compliance:

  •         Removal of abandoned cabling

    Ensure safe routing of cables around sprinklers and other electrical components
    Installation of Medical grade cabling and wireless devices

  • Copper Cabling

Category 5e, 6, 6A, and 6+
Twisted-pair copper cabling – or structured wiring- supports applications like intelligent lighting, AV. It is highly ductile and drawn down to very thin diameters making it excellent for braided wiring and cables with multiple signal paths. To maximize the capabilities of these types of wires, they need to be installed in an optimal manner, often referred to as structured wiring.

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