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  • Paging and intercom systems: It’s not efficient to deliver messages in person across your building, especially when you work in a large facility. A paging and intercom system with call stations and speakers increases the productivity of your business.

  • Nurse call systems: Relaying a message quickly in a healthcare setting could mean the difference between life and death. Nurse call systems include real-time location devices, wireless phones and pagers, and EMR databases to ensure your centralized or decentralized staff receives information quickly and efficiently.

  • Mass notification systems: When an emergency strikes, every second counts. A mass notification system makes it possible to deliver instructions to people within the building. With the proper networking, you can also send long-distance messages via email, text, or phone call to people offsite.

  • Wireless clocks: Synchronized clocks ensure a coordinated effort throughout your organization. Wireless clock integration is automatic and easy to control from a centralized location, simplifying the task of synchronizing your clocks.

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